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Cabinet Hardware Installation

Installing Knobs and Pulls







Step 1. The Simple Review Process - Where to start.

Once you have made your decision about what type of cabinet hardware you want to install, you will find easy to follow instructions for most common types of hardware including first time installations.

Let's review what you bought.

Did you make the best choice? Read about your options: "Choosing the right cabinet hardware is Important"

Before you begin know the Installation Basics

If you bought cabinet knobs they usually require 1 hole for installation. Parts included will be 1 knob, 1 screw usually an 8-32 type and sometimes the unit will come with an escutcheon that will go between the door or drawer facing and the knob.

If you bought drawer pulls they usually require 2 holes for installation. Parts included will be 1 drawer pull and 2 screws usually 8-32 type and also come with an escutcheon and or backer plate which will likewise mount between pull and facing of drawer or door.

Tools needed:

Drill and 3/16" drill bit as a general rule.


Screwdriver, phillips or straight depending on screw head.

Masking tape.


Tape measure or ruler.

Center punch or nail for making an impression to start the drilling process. See more below


Are you having difficulty finding the right center to center spacing for matching those old holes in your cabinets? We can match odd sizes in most of our styles or we can custom make parts to your specification. Call us toll free at 1-800-504-5095 for assistance.


Each knob or pull comes with the necessary mounting hardware

All of our cabinet knobs and pulls attach in the same manner as illustrated below.
All pull styles require 2 holes to be drilled and all knob styles require 1 hole.
The hole diameter to be drilled through the surface of the door or drawer is 3/16".
The standard hole distance for pulls is 3" on center which is the industry standard for most hardware.
This allows you to use existing holes in most cases (other width centers are available upon request).
In some cases when you are using the same holes from previous hardware it may be
necessary to enlarge the hole size to 3/16". This is easily done by re-drilling
through the same hole with a 3/16" drill bit. Screws supplied are 1"in length.

Installation Drawings



Cabinet Hardware Diagram

Side view

First Time installation of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls

Installing cabinet hardware into new kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets is easy if you follow some simple rules:

1. Establish where you want the placement and stick a 3" or 4"piece of (blue) masking tape on the spot. As a rule for most standard cabinets, holes for knobs are drilled approximately 1.5" from the opening (vertical) edge and 2" from the top or bottom (horizontal) edge, depending on door orientation (upper or lower cabinet).

2. Measure the distance of the hole(s) to be drilled from the side and bottom edge of doors, (for drawers measure from both sides and from bottom and top for centering) mark the hole positions on the masking tape.

3. Repeat steps for each door or drawer.

4. Determine the drill bit size and drill holes at marked areas on the tape from the front of the cabinet surface. Drilling from the back may cause splintering.

5. Remove tape and install the screws through the back of the cabinet into the knob or pull, tighten the screws and your done.


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