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This is a new section of our site which was added on April 4, 2007. My goal is to provide consumers with an opportunity to share their bathtub and tile refinishing experiences whether good or bad.

Hopefully your stories will help other people make important decisions about whether to refinish a bathtub or find solutions to their problems.

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Posted 4-4-2007

I appreciate your help. My daughter had her bathtubs refinished using the miracle methoud. one of the tubs did well,but the other one did not. The company was in another city, and over all , it was not a great experience, and was costly. They are trying to get their home ready for sale, and she is trying to remove the peeling surface that resulted on the tub. Is there a safe product, that she can use other than just continuing to peel away. She can not afford to have it redone again. Thank you for any information you can give me.



Hi Mary,
I am sorry to hear about the problem your daughter is having with the failing tub finish.
The type of finish used for refinishing is very labor intensive to remove and unfortunately requires the use of a paint stripper. The most effective are products that contain methylene chloride which is very hazardous to use.
There are some citrus based strippers that are more safe to use but work very slowly and these can be purchased at Home Depot in the paint department. It will require multiple coats and patience but eventually the finish will come off.
She will still need to follow the safety precautions on the container even though this type of product is much safer.
I wish your daughter well in her effort and with the sale of her house. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Best regards,